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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Daily Deals Option-Who's Worth Subscribing To?

With the increase in online retail shopping, the Big-3 of American retail have begun offering "daily deals" which are available, online only, for their shoppers. The idea is to increase visits to the retailer's website, and hopefully get people to purchase more goods online. But who offers the best deals?

Target: Target's daily deals are an email service, in which shoppers subscribe in order to receive deals in their email on a daily basis. These deals usually include a "big" deal which is highlighted in the email, as well as a succession of smaller deals. One of the nicest factors of Target's daily deals is that free shipping is automatic with any daily deal purchase, thereby enticing shoppers to purchase things online that they may have elected to purchase in store instead. Target's daily deals often include such things as linens,  toys, electronics, and sporting goods items.

Walmart: Walmart offers a single daily deal, placed on their website. It is easily accessible through the homepage, and often accentuated to attract shoppers. The downside to Walmart's offering, however, is that it often is a specialized item, such as baby toys or food, or women's or men's clothing. Therefore, a subscription to Walmart's service is probably unnecessary, as the majority of deals will not appeal to the average consumer. However, for those looking for specialty items, bookmarking Walmart's deal page on your internet browser may be a good idea.

Kmart: Kmart offers daily deals to their members with a Shop Your Way Rewards card, usually in the form of two new deals a day. Kmart's deals are generally balanced among all store departments, with electronics and jewelry generally being the two most popular categories. Kmart's deal often also feature the steepest discounts of any of the retail store deals. The downside of these deals is that they do not appear to be available online.

Verdict: Target. Target offers the highest number of deals, as well as the most convenient deals, as they can be purchased online with no additional shipping charge. Target's deals are an easy option for the busy bargain shopper.

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  1. Good article. I was wondering about Target's deal. I read an article that says they're trying to be like Costco. But this is different. I can get the daily deal and run in to my local store if I like it.